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Best of the Best

It is always best to help the body rid itself of symptoms rather than suppress them.  These products are either all natural or simply assist the body in its healing process.

There are products to keep you healthy before you get sick and others to help boost your immune system while you are sick.

We are finding more and more data to show the importance of probiotics in our health.  They have been shown to help with immune system, digestive health, asthma/eczema, and obesity

When faced with a child with vomiting and diarrhea, parents need to do their best to not allow the child to become dehydrated.  So after an hour of waiting since the last vomiting then start slowly rehydrating.

All parents who have children who wear diaper should have 3 different diaper creams:

1- to prevent a rash

2- to treat a mild rash

3- to treat a severe rash

Kids skins are very sensitive and prone to getting dry specially in a dry climate.  So be sure to have a plan:

1- apply daily moisturizers after bath

2- If there is an itch, use moisturizer along with a 1% Hydrocortisone cream

3- If rash continues to increase, contact your Pediatrician for evaluation.

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